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Hello! My name is Rajam Roose.

There's more to a massage practice than giving a great massage. Running a successful small business consists of bookkeeping, marketing, organization, and other skills that massage therapists aren't generally taught in massage school.

Massage Business Marketing Help

Grow Your Massage Business was created to help small business owners, such as yourself, learn how to:

  • Develop strong relationships with other businesses
  • Create and track a marketing strategy that is right for your situation
  • Use social media and your website as a powerful marketing platform
  • Retain clients
  • Find the right tools to run your business a little easier

Working with Grow Your Massage consulting services, you can learn no-nonsense and affordable ways to build a solid massage business using well researched and updated marketing techniques and strategies.

Grow your massage practice with marketing expertise from someone who has extensive hands-on experience in the massage profession. The massage business model has unique challenges and generic marketing strategies aren't helpful. Check out the services offered...

Marketing Is A Passion

I stay updated by taking regular continuing education courses on website optimization and social media marketing. Here is a page to learn more about my business experience.

My other company is the San Diego Pain Summit, LLC, a multidisciplinary conference that focuses on connecting the gap between current pain science research and clinical practice. The conference is in its 5th year and has grown using social media as a primary advertising platform.

Specialized Certifications:

Search Engine Optimization, UC Davis (June-Nov, 2016)

Social Media Marketing, Northwestern University (June-Nov, 2016)


Published Articles:

Communicate Confidently With Clients by Rajam Roose, Massage Magazine, online. Nov. 1, 2016.

Power Up: Confidence Helps Build A Practice by Rajam Roose, Massage Magazine, print only, Nov. 1, 2016.

Understand Research: Be A Better Massage Therapist by Rajam Roose, Massage Magazine, print & online ed. June 1, 2016.

What Does Pain Science Mean For Massage Therapists? by Rajam Roose, Massage Magazine, online only. June 1, 2016

 Rajam Roose, owner Grow Your Massage Business