How To Use Twitter To Build Your Massage Practice

Mar 19, 2019

How To Use Twitter To Build Your Massage Practice

Mar 19, 2019

How To Use Twitter To Build Your Massage Practice


Twitter Tutorial

This Twitter tutorial will help you learn how you can use Twitter effectively for your massage business. Twitter is a social tool for creating and building relationships with your customers and other business owners. What happens is that we tend to use Twitter, and other forms of social media, as a bullhorn for announcing our business information. It's important we use Twitter to build relationships; rather than as a broadcast system.

Although using Twitter may not result in direct sales- it can be used to put your name out into the community. When people are thinking about massage, if they are used to seeing your name, it will be you whom they will call when ready for your services.

Using Twitter the right way gets the best results!

I'm going to share with you how I learned to use Twitter correctly. Before I learned how to use Twitter effectively, I had 43 followers and my account had been open for 2 years.

Once I started Tweeting using the formula (that I'm sharing in this article), I gained over 300 followers in 4 days! Remember, though, it's not about the number of followers you have, but how you are building relationships with them.

What if none of your clients follow Twitter? That's okay! This Twitter tutorial can still be useful to help you develop and nurture relationships with businesses that would be potential sources of referrals.


Relationships with Other Businesses

Twitter is a great tool to help create relationships with other businesses. First, determine who the influencers are in your community. By "influencers", I mean the business owners who have a high number of twitter followers. These are the people with whom you want to create relationships with- they can help put your business in the spotlight for your potential clients. The influencers you will follow will be based on those businesses that match your niche. 

And only follow the ones who you like, if you don't agree with a type of business who happens to have a large following- don't follow them. It's important to choose the businesses and people to follow who are leaders in the community, but those whose content you like.

Some ways to find influencers:

  • Search out local businesses that are well known in your community. You can search on your Twitter search box or by visiting their website. Most businesses will have a link to their twitter feed.
    • Local businesses in smaller towns and cities will not have as many followers as businesses in larger cities and major influencers.
    • You will have to do some searching to find the ones you want to connect with that have Twitter accounts and followers.
    • Look for appropriate businesses that can be potential sources of referrals.
  • Once you've added a number of followers, check the Twitter recommended list and see if any people listed there would be considered influencers.
  • You don't have to go only local- think about who your target clients might be following (if they are on Twitter).
  • Some businesses you can follow are local restaurants, Chamber of Commerce, yoga studios, floral shops, etc. The key is that they have a number of followers to show they are active on Twitter. They don't necessarily need thousands of followers, but their last tweet and activity shouldn't be longer than a day or two old. 


Engage with Your Audience

Pull the stories, articles, blogs, etc from your chosen influencers and retweet the ones that you like and that are relevant to your business. It's also helpful to comment on the tweets that you enjoy. Remember- sincerity is key!

The secret with using social is that you have to be consistent. It can take months before your efforts pay off.

Remember to comment and share posts from the influencers that you follow. But again, it has to be genuine. So only comment on tweets that you are compelled to do so or have something to say. In order to enjoy using social media to build our businesses, we should genuinely like the people we are following and developing relationships.


 Craft the Perfect Tweet

In this portion, we will cover how to craft the perfect tweet. There is a simple formula we can use to engage with our influencers and Twitter fans which I will share it with you in this post. 

Craft your tweets w/ these elements in mind:

  • Tag the influencer/business/writer with the @ symbol
  • Use a # to label the subject of the tweet. Use what is common and when people search that term your post will show in the searches. Don't use too many hashtags or ones that aren't related to your business. Tip: A good place to find popular #'s is to go to Social Mention and type in relevant keywords to your specific business. This tool will show you the most popular #'s in real time.
  • Use the or Buffer feed to shorten long URLs.
  • Include a call to action: "Read", "Listen", "Watch"


Anatomy of a Tweet

Examples showing the anatomy of a perfect tweet:

So, I've created the following 2 tweets from the perspective of a massage business owner. The first is an example of a major influencer to share with my followers and the second is a local business that I would like to start a relationship.

#1 Many of my clients were well traveled and followed Rick Steves, a travel expert. In order to engage and share content with my followers who loved to travel, here is a tweet I might craft from one of his articles:


Traveling this holiday season? Rick Steves @RickSteves gives #stressfree packing tips. Read: URL link



  • Blue text is the influencer name and their twitter handle
  • Bold text is the relevant hashtag
  • Italicized text is the URL (I use the tool to shorten them, more on that later)



#2 For this example, let's say that I want to attract more cycling clients. BikeSD is a local non-profit that has 3,941 Twitter followers. Not only do I want to share this content with my current clients, who are cyclists, but I also want to engage and start a relationship with this group. Here is a Tweet I would craft:


Jeff Kucharski @BikeSD shares local #SanDiego road improvements for #cyclists. Read: URL link



  • Blue text is the influencer name and their twitter handle
  • Bold text is the relevant hashtag
  • Italicized text is the URL (I use the tool to shorten them


Practice Your Tweets

Crafting a good Tweet takes a little time and practice, but once you get going, you will build a community in no time. I hope that helps you to grow your massage practice using Twitter! Remember, Twitter is a social tool for building relationships - not a broadcast system.

We can use Twitter to:

  • Share content that our followers will find interesting
  • A starting point to build relationships with other businesses
  • Get our businesses on the radar of potential clients

Remember, practice makes perfect! Feel free to follow me @growmassagebiz and I'll follow back.


Social Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools are incredibly useful because we don't always have the time to spend an hour a day on social. And honestly, many of us don't want to be on the computer all day anyway! Fortunately, there are several tools available, both paid and free, that we can use. 

Using social media tools, we can:

  • Plan our posts weeks and months in advance
  • Have access to analytics to learn which posts are getting the most engagement (so we can share them again)
  • Easily re-use previous content

I've made short video clips showcasing some of my favorite social media marketing tools.


Find Our Target/Niche Audience

There are a lot of social media platforms out there- Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and dozens more! It can make one's head spin to try and create accounts on all of them. Thankfully we do not have to even bother. With Social Mention, we can see where our target audience is spending the most time. This tool also can tell us the best hashtags to use for various topics.


Short video on how to use Social Mention


Crafting Our Tweets

When it comes to posting on Twitter, they only allow so many characters. Many of the URLs we want to share are often too long to be able to create a good tweet. Here's where comes in. is a free service that will shorten URLs. There are paid tiers if you want to dive deeper into the analytics of who clicks and shares your links, but you can see this info well enough on the 3rd party posting platforms I'll share below.

Video showing how to use for your Twitter posts.


Content Management

There are dozens of options out there to help you manage your social media content. Rather than listing them all here, I'll share an in-depth article by Jeff Bullas - 17 Best Social Media Management Tools.


Video showing how to use Buffer and a quick peek at anatomy of a tweet


Video intro to Hootsuite


If you have any questions, feel free to join us and ask over at the Marketing Your Massage Business Facebook group!  And don't forget to follow me @growmassagebiz! 


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