Massage Business Experience & Qualifications


What kind of experience do you have with running a massage business?

I owned a massage business in Huntsville, Alabama for almost 3 years and then a massage business in San Diego for 7 years. In both situations, I was able to go from having a few clients to being booked out weeks in advance within a year.

My successes weren't that I was the best massage therapist in town, but because I understood how to build client relationships, referral networks, social media marketing, and using my website as a marketing tool.

I've also a lot of experience working as an Independent Contractor from locations such as a hair salon, wellness center, and even from the back of a bookstore! These experiences have given me a developed understanding of the types of situations that many massage therapists are working with.


Do you only work with massage business owners?

I've experience in multiple kinds of businesses and find that most of the marketing concepts are the same with small variations. Since I've the longest experience in the massage profession, I market my services a great deal to bodyworkers and massage therapists, but will work with any small business owner.

Entrepreneurial experiences include:

  • Making and selling crochet hats and bags
  • Making and selling soap
  • Publishing and marketing a memoir
  • Organizing and hosting continuing education classes for manual therapists
  • Organizing and hosting annual conferences
  • Creating and distributing home study continuing education courses for massage therapists
  • Owning massage businesses

How can you help me accomplish my business goals?

I have over a decade of experience running a small business. My success in San Diego was mostly because I learned how to use internet and social media marketing to get clients. When I started my massage practice here in San Diego, I only had 3 clients. Within a year I was booked out weeks in advance.

This was because I understood how to write good content for my website and work on optimization. My massage business website made it to the first page of a Google search for "massage therapy San Diego".

I have continuing education and hold certificates in Search Engine Optimization from UC Davis and Social Media Marketing from Northwestern University.

And, I work for a company where I review website functionality for major corporations and other small businesses.


I've heard that no one understands search engine optimization, is this true?

It is true that Google algorithms change about 200 times a year. Although we can't know what all the algorithms do, there are specific practices that can flag your website as spammy. Keeping up to date with current understanding of what optimization experts have learned is key.

The thing is that most business owners don't have the time or know where to go for the right information! I've successfully completed and passed several online search engine optimization programs from UC Davis in learning valuable optimization practices (and what to avoid) which can help you with your internet marketing.


How does the website health check up work?

I do not need to get into the back end of your website to know how it is optimized. I have a variety of tools that gives me insight into how your website is structured. It is easy for me to find out whether your site is optimized, and if not, what it is lacking.

Using these tools, along with focused keyword research, I can create a plan for you to improve your optimization. If you did not design your site, you can hand the packet over to your web designer and they can easily implement any needed changes.

Web design and optimization are two very different things. It is uncommon for a designer to know much about optimization, so it's not a good idea to assume your designer understands SEO. It is also not recommended to assume that a WordPress plugin is SEO friendly, most of them say they are, but really aren't.

There are designers and services that offer excellent SEO, but if you've been using them for a while and your website has been sitting on the 4th page and beyond of an online search, then they aren't doing a good job.


Do I have to live near your business?

Consulting sessions generally take place over the phone. If your business is local to San Diego, we can meet at your location or other business if you prefer. It is not necessary for me to see your business location in order to provide consulting services.

I do teach workshops both locally and out of town. If you are interested in hosting me to teach a workshop, please contact me here.


What does the 60 minute phone consultation entail?

When you sign up for the 60 min. phone consultation, you will receive a form to complete during check out. This is so I can get a better idea of your goals and concerns. During the call we discuss them and how to resolve the issues that you are facing.

If you need additional calls concerning the same topic and the 2nd call is made within 3 weeks, the follow up call/s are only $50/hr


What do I get with a Website Health Check Up?

If you aren't getting new clients every week with your website, then there are things that need to be changed.  Even if you hired a professional web designer, they may not understand optimization.

The purpose of this package is to help you get started in creating a powerful marketing tool. This program begins with a 30 minute phone call and then the rest is accomplished via email.

I will review the following on your site:

  • Technical 
    • internal link structure
    • broken external links
    • URL structure
  • Off-site
    • backlinks
  • Content (On-site) 
    • keyword research & selection
    • suggestions for improving meta descriptions, site title, & header tags
  • Additional
    • Competitor research

You will receive a highly detailed report listing changes you can make yourself or give to your web designer for them to make for you.


Can you guarantee that I will accomplish my goals if I use your services?

If you do the work and are an active participant in the process, then you are likely to be very successful. I can guide you along the path to accomplishing your goals, but it will take a bit of work on your part.

The main reason I started Grow Your Massage Business is that there are a lot of things that a massage practitioner can do on their own- that doesn't cost a lot of money- to grow their business. It's my goal to give the business owner the ability to manage their own business and marketing.

Later, when you are making a lot of money, you can outsource the things that you don't want to do!