Massage Business Marketing Facebook Live Q&A Sessions

These sessions are currently on hold due to that I'm the founder & organizer of the San Diego Pain Summit conference. Things will be a bit busy on my end until around mid-Feb. 

Feel free to peruse the videos below. 


Most recent session:

Organize A Workshop or Event

  • Want to take a workshop but can't afford the travel? Learn how you can bring the workshop to you!

Selling Massage Gift Certificates

  • Ideas for holiday gift certificate sales
  • Tips for managing gift and package sales
  • Ideas for holiday events

Get Massage Clients To Re-book

  • Simple action that will create a space where your clients will want to re-book and refer your services

Website SEO w/special guest, Sandy Rowley Oct. 16th

  • Best practices for local optimization
  • Mistakes that business owners make

And a lot more fantastic information! 

Sandy is one of the few web designers who specializes in both designing a WordPress site & SEO (a rare combination) and can be reached here via phone/text: 775-870-0488 and her website is

Email Marketing To Build Your Business

  • Why email marketing works
    • Tips for best practices
  • Using Facebook advertising
    • Why are ads getting rejected by Facebook?
    • Best practices when creating Facebook ads/videos
  • How much does $4K in business cost in advertising?

Growing Your Massage Business

  • Creating deliverables to expand reach
    • With our clients
    • With our marketing goals
  • Hiring a massage therapist

How To Find A Massage Office Space & Lease Tips

  • Finding the right location
  • Important lease terms to review before you sign!
  • Negotiating your lease

SEO For Your Massage Business Website

  • What is search engine optimization or SEO?
  • Most important elements to consider for your website
  • Most common mistakes I see on my client's websites
  • A couple optimization tips for your website

Re-Book Massage Clients & Social Media Ideas

  • Reasons clients may not and may want to return for another massage
  • Advertising your massage business on Twitter
  • My worse marketing mistake!
  • How to get started using social media for your business
  • How to get clients to reschedule another session

How To Use Coupons To Attract New Massage Clients

  • How to split test
  • Build email list
  • Difference between marketing & advertising

Marketing Your Business With Chair Massage

  • Corporate
  • Free & paid events
  • Website optimization for chair massage servic

How To Build A Client List?

  • Target market, creating a persona or avatar
  • Website
  • Email marketing, ideas for content
  • The right way to track referrals
  • How many regular clients are needed for your business?

Organize Your Marketing Content For Multiple Target Audiences

  • How can I market efficiently for different target markets?
  • What should I consider when looking for a new office?

How To Create A Healthy Work Environment For Your Employees

  • Will a dual license help my massage business?
  • How can I create a healthy workplace for my employees and/or independent contractors?

Facebook Advertising Tips For Massage Business Owners

  • What is a good resource to learn Facebook advertising?
  • Why using Facebook interests for targeting can be misleading & how to find tune them to fit your target for best reach.
  • Tip for the best kind of Facebook ad content to collect emails.
  • How to market a massage business in a small town.
  • Tips for using a small advertising budget to grow a bodywork practice.
  • Thoughts about using Facebook ads and Google ads.