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A Successful Massage Practice takes hard work

Creating a successful massage practice takes hard work. Massage schools rarely offer business marketing courses or prepare students for the rigors of managing a business. The digital landscape changes rapidly, often too fast for massage business education in schools to keep up.

Massage Therapy Advertising

Technological advances have made dramatic changes in how we advertise our businesses. Mobile devices and social media have revolutionized how people search for services and products. Social media has changed the way we build relationships with our clients and other business owners. 

Business Savvy

Marketing a business in today's world requires business savvy. It's imperative to understand how technology can help grow your practice. I can help you learn how to utilize internet marketing so you can keep a full appointment book.

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 Rajam Roose, Business Consultant

Rajam Roose, Business Consultant

I have the drive and confidence that I can design my own Website. Now I know I can try and design my own Website just how I want it, and not have to only use the free Websites from my massage insurance.

Rajam was so patient, broke it down to layman’s terms, passionate what she was teaching. She is a massage therapist that understands what it takes to grow a massage business using the Internet and social media.
— Alexis Ruble, massage business owner

Massage Business Experience

I've been in your shoes. I've owned a massage business back in the day when all you needed to get clients was a press release and an ad in the phone book. Word of mouth marketing seemed easier back then.

Or what about living in a metropolitan city and trying to build a practice with no clients? Even tougher if your office is surrounded by massage chains. Yes, I've been there too.

Massage graduates are not prepared for understanding how to market their business. And many experienced business owners get stuck in doing something that has worked in the past but isn't working now.

Misinformed opinions can screw up our business! It's a passion of mine to help you change and update your advertising mindset so you can have a successful massage business.

You (Rajam) are a great listener. I felt relief that you weren’t trying to box me in as an archetype. I felt that you truly heard me out when discussing my concerns and problems. I have mentioned my experience with you to a couple of massage therapists. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.
— R.L., massage business owner

Marketing A Massage Business

It can be tough to see where our business needs help and sometimes we need an outside perspective. Whether you are an experienced business owner or just starting out, I can help you retain clients, recognize advertising & marketing opportunities, learn to network, and create a marketing strategy that fits your business goals.

Grow Your Massage Business Can Help


Business basics

  • Learn if there is a market for your services
  • Create a pricing and fee structure
  • Understand your target audience
  • Understand your competition
  • Find your unique selling position
  • Improve self management skills


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Getting Referrals & Retaining clients

  • Recognize creative opportunities for your business
  • Develop and implement good customer service skills and habits
  • Build relationships with other businesses 
  • Networking ideas and tips
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Internet marketing

  • Optimize your website so you can be found by clients
  • Learn how to use analytics to accomplish business goals
  • Understand how to use social media
  • Create Facebook ads that convert
  • Email Marketing
  • Improve user experience on your website

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I noticed my bounce rate has really gone down in the past few weeks and local visitors are staying on the page longer, with more click throughs
— Stephanie D., massage business owner