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FAQ's about Rajam Roose, owner of Grow Your Massage Business

Massage Therapy Business Experience

I've been a full time massage therapist for 16 years. I owned a massage business in Huntsville, Alabama for almost 3 years before moving to San Diego. And then, had a massage business in San Diego for 8 years before closing it in November 2015. Both businesses did really well in that I was booked out within a year and remained busy until closing each place.

My success came from an understanding of how to build client relationships, referral networks, social media marketing, and using my website as a marketing tool. I have also always loved marketing and enjoyed scouring business news for ideas to apply to my own business. 

I've also a lot of experience working as an Independent Contractor and renter from locations such as a hair salon, wellness center, and even from the back of a bookstore! These experiences have given me a deeper understanding of the types of situations that many massage therapists are working with and how to adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Small Business Expertise

I've experience in multiple kinds of businesses and find that most of the marketing concepts are the same with small variations. Since I've the longest experience in the massage profession, I market my services a great deal to bodyworkers and massage therapists, but will work with any small business owner.

I’ve provided search engine optimization services for other types of businesses, such as a liquor store, multi-practice dentists office, and a physical therapy office.

Entrepreneurial experiences include:

  • Making and selling crochet hats and bags
  • Making and selling soap
  • Publishing and marketing a memoir
  • Organizing and hosting continuing education classes for manual therapists
  • Organizing and hosting annual conferences
  • Creating and distributing home study continuing education courses for massage therapists
  • Owning massage businesses

Your Modules

Yes, you will have unlimited access to all products (courses and lessons) that will be found in your Library when you log in.

You can access your library from any device, in any location, as long as you have WiFi.

Small Business Online Marketing Services

There are two options to help you optimize your website. You can opt for the in-depth website audit, the Website Health Check Up package or a smaller package, the Website Review. Both of these packages will help troubleshoot any problems you may have. If your business is on the third or fourth page of Google, I highly recommend either of these services. 

Many business owners think they are higher in search engines than they really are, because search engines will place a business higher up if you have visited the website or location with your device/s.

To get an idea of your business really is on the 1st page of Google, go to: and type in "massage therapy (your city)" and it will show you the top 10 results. 

Or, if you have Google Search Console, you can look there to see how your web pages are truly ranking. 

I also offer one hour phone consultations.  (will be available late Aug/Sept 2019)

Free Business and Marketing Lessons

Yes! Visit the home page here: Grow Your Massage Business to review and download any of the courses and modules found there. 

There are three modules that cover social media marketing, website optimization, and general marketing. 


Motivation For Successful Business

If you do the work and are an active participant in the process, then you are likely to be  successful at what you are trying to accomplish. I can guide you along the path to help you meet your goals, but it will take a bit of work on your part.

The main reason I started Grow Your Massage Business is that there are a lot of things that a massage practitioner can do on their own- that doesn't cost a lot of money- to grow their business. It's my goal to give the business owner the ability to manage their own business and marketing.

When I had my business in Alabama, the internet wasn’t as widespread and building an online presence wasn’t really needed to be successful. By the time I opened a business in San Diego, having an online presence was important to stand out from the highly competitive market I was in.

It was frustrating because, at that time, there weren’t any resources for massage therapists on how to do online (or digital) marketing. I was fortunate to connect with an expert and learn and then tweak what I was learning to fit the massage business model.

This is what I want to share with other massage business owners. Most digital marketing services are out of the price range for massage therapists. I keep my prices fair because I show you how you can do the work for yourself.

Later, when you are making a lot of money, you can outsource the things that you don't want to do!

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