Massage Business Expert, Rajam Roose

I started Grow Your Massage Business to provide support and give massage business owners the confidence and skills needed to take advantage of digital marketing.

When I started my business in the highly competitive city of San Diego, I was also frustrated that there wasn't much information geared towards marketing a massage business from a digital perspective. 

Massage therapy is an art, and as massage therapists, it can be tough for us to think about marketing ourselves. Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult and it’s my passion to show you, the massage business owner, how to use digital marketing to help stay busy doing what you love.

Learn more about my business and marketing experience and how I can help you grow a successful massage practice. 

Massage Business Experience

I joined the massage profession in 1999, after graduating from a massage school near Nashville, Tennessee. A couple years later I had a successful practice in Alabama. It was open for 3 years before I closed it to move out here to San Diego.

When I moved out here, I was a bit nervous because there were massage businesses everywhere. I wondered if I would be able to open a practice and be successful.

So I worked for a couple places, included teaching at a local massage school, before finally opening a massage practice in 2008. And wouldn’t you know it, just after the recession hit!


Learning Online Marketing for my Business

Fortunately, one of my clients was a social media expert and he asked if I might want to trade services. That is how I started learning about the power of social media for connecting with local community.

After a year of building relationships with local businesses, doing chair massage during holiday events near my office, building relationships with clients via monthly newsletters and a Facebook page, and learning to optimize my website, I started booking out weeks in advance.

My schedule stayed busy and solidly booked out until I closed my practice in November 2015.

Interests In Digital Marketing and Education

Over the years, I’ve continued to learn about using social and search engine optimization and marketing. I’ve continued my education with a six month online home study course on social media marketing from Northwestern University.

Additionally, I have completed an intensive six month course on search engine optimization from UC Davis. I continue to stay updated in both fields, as they are always changing!

I love seeing other business owners succeed and create the type of service they want to provide to their communities. 

My other company is the San Diego Pain Summit, a series of annual conferences and workshops to help clinicians learn how pain research can translate into clinical practice. This company has grown with the support and knowledge I have of social media marketing. 

Published Articles:

6 Things to Include on Massage Websites by Rajam Roose, published on GoDaddy, online, May 2018.

Communicate Confidently With Clients by Rajam Roose, Massage Magazine, online. Nov. 1, 2016.

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Featured Articles:

Article about me and my work was published in May/June 2018 issue of Massage & Bodywork Magazine

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