Tips For A Better Website For Your Business


A Website Is Necessary

As a business owner, you already know that you absolutely must have a website in order to be visible to your potential clients. But do you know how to make your site work so it brings you new clients?

In Facebook groups I see a lot of questions on how to get more clients. In fact, I think it's probably the #1 concern for massage business owners. Many massage therapists who are stumped at how to bring in new business have a website, yet, they aren't utilized in a way that can be used as a marketing tool.



Promote Our Business

Yes, a website is a great way to deliver information to our current clients but it is even better when used to promote our businesses. With a shift in perspective we can see that a website can be used as a powerful marketing tool. Massage therapists typically consider their website as just a piece of information, such as a brochure. And so the site sits there, floating around in internet space.


The trick is to think about what is the main purpose you want your website to serve and then use it for that purpose. For example, do you want to attract new clients? Then focus on creating the kind of content that will entice a new client to click on that scheduling button.


My first website, in 2002, was a one page, really simple piece of information. Really, somewhere I could direct my clients to go to learn about my prices and hours. It wasn't until I opened my massage business in San Diego that I learned that a website can be used to bring in new business.


When I opened my business, I had 3 clients and by the end of the 1st year I was booked out weeks in advance. When I analyzed where new clients came from, I found that 45% had found me via online search. What we don't want to fall into the trap of, is thinking that people in our local community don't use the internet to search for local businesses.


Massage Website Tips

Here are some massage website tips to help create a better experience for visitors:

  • Take a look at your "About" page - is it all about you? Or what you can do for the client?
    • Big secret here- your clients don't care about you, they want to know what you can do for them!


  • Check out your fonts, most people are now using their mobiles to search for services in their area. Make sure your font is easily readable on mobile and computers.
    • Don't use a lot of cursive script
    • Avoid using really light colors for fonts, these are difficult for many people to read


  • Does a first time visitor know what your site is about within the first few seconds of looking at it?
    • Ask a few friends and family if they can figure out what your business is just by looking at your site for a few seconds


  • Do you address any questions or concerns someone might have about your business on your site?


  • Does a visitor know what they should do next? Is there a "book now" or contact button on the Home page?


These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when reviewing your site. There are companies who hire the general public to review websites. User Testing is a really neat service to find out how your target market views your web page. You can set parameters to match your audience and then give them tasks to do.


You then receive a 10-20 minute long video from each reviewer and you can watch and listen as they describe how they perform the tasks. (Disclosure, I do work for this company but have also been a client)


This can give you some great insight into what needs to be corrected for a better user experience. As search engines use more artificial intelligence, or A.I., for their algorithms, user experience, or UX, is going to eventually be one of the main signals to help improve website optimization.