Reviews from Massage Business Owners

You (Rajam) are a great listener. I felt relief that you weren’t trying to box me in as an archetype. I felt that you truly heard me out when discussing my concerns and problems. I have mentioned my experience with you to a couple of massage therapists. I would not hesitate to recommend your services.
— R.L., massage business owner
I noticed my bounce rate has really gone down in the past few weeks and local visitors are staying on the page longer, with more click throughs
— Stephanie D., massage business owner
I am writing to extend my appreciation to Rajam Roose who designed my massage therapy and yoga business website. In addition, I am sincerely appreciative of her patient and effort to explain to me how the process works.

I felt very comfortable to ask for clarification when needed and she responded back in a good timely manner. I highly recommend her services to those who are looking for help with their website.
— My Hao Tran, massage & yoga business owner
I have the drive and confidence that I can design my own Website. Now I know I can try and design my own Website just how I want it, and not have to only use the free Websites from my massage insurance.

Rajam was so patient, broke it down to layman’s terms, passionate what she was teaching. She is a massage therapist that understands what it takes to grow a massage business using the Internet and social media.
— Alexix Ruble, massage business owner