Social Media Marketing

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How To Social

Trying to figure out social media can be a real headache! I can help you learn how to use social media for building relationships and advertising. The trick is learning where your target is on social- until you do that, you will be wasting your time!

Social Media Marketing Basics

Here's what we can do:

  • Learn how to determine which social platform is being used by your target audience
  • Set up accounts and make sure all information needed is added on to the page
  • Learn tools to help manage multiple accounts
  • Specialized to your specific business goals
  • Help you learn how to monitor and track what is getting the most response

I've been using Facebook ads for ten years now and have watched it grow into an impressive way to let your community know about your services. Most people who haven't had luck using FB ads haven't been using them correctly! 

Facebook Ads Help

Here's what we can do:

  • Walk though creating an ad that works for your massage business
  • Choose the right objective
  • Setting up the appropriate demographic
  • How to create images for your ad
  • Learn how to A/B split test to determine which ones work the best
  • Learn the skills needed so you can confidently create more ads in the future

1 hr phone call - $75, each additional hour (if needed): $50. Email & video support also provided.


Using social media for your massage business

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