Business Success With A Strong Foundation

In order to experience business success, we need a strong foundation. We have it together when it comes to basic massage business duties. We understand how to give a great massage, the importance of a website, how to build a website, how to write a blog, how to foster relationships, etc. Even after that hard work, there may be something that is holding us back. We just can't figure out what it is.


Surprisingly, that thing holding us back has been there for a long time, hidden in the recesses of our minds. I'm writing about our beliefs about money, success, and how we see ourselves in the world. It is not easy to see such limiting beliefs, but if we spend enough time introspectively and consider our behavior, we can find a solution.


Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs and unrealistic expectations are some of the main causes of a weak business foundation. Without a solid base to build upon, all the hard work and time we've put in will yield weak returns. In order to become a successful business owner, we must strengthen our foundation. In this article I will address our perception of money.


In my consulting work, I've found that many of my clients who struggle with their business have limiting and unbalanced views about money. When we think back to when we were children, what was our first experience with money? Was it positive? Or did that first experience show you that money was unobtainable or the "root of all evil"?

Here we need a bit of introspection. Consider your first experience with money and then compare it to the later years in your life and how you use your finances. It may seem unrelated. Until we can overcome our negative ideas about money and the imagery of what it represents, we may find we can't seem to attain our business goals.

Our Beliefs About Money

Not everyone has limiting beliefs about money. If you are unsure, consider this list of symptoms:

  • Feel uncomfortable about charging for work/product
  • Difficulty saving
  • Feeling that money is a limited resource
  • Feeling selfish if you want to have money
  • A sense of snobbery towards those who have money
  • Feeling that money is a "necessary evil" or the "root of all evil"


If any of these match your feelings then negative ideas about money are likely a hindrance from real success in business. Fortunately, this can be changed by deeply considering how that opinion was formed and how it has shaped your life.


Shaping Up Your Foundation

Here's a 40 min. video I put together that explains what every business owner needs to know before taking that first step. We will review what is needed for a strong business foundation and go over the steps needed to ensure the necessary skills are there.