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Let's Take A Look At Your Website!

This service is $150 for non-members and is included free inside the Academy membership

Check out the Website Review samples below, permission given by business owners to share, just click on each image to start video:

Is Your Website Working For Your Massage Business?

If your website doesn't seem to be working to accomplish your business goals, a website review will help pinpoint any problems with site structure and search engine optimization.

In this 25 - 30 minute long video review, I will review your site and make suggestions for the following:

1. Is the site user friendly?

2. Does the site match your business goals?

3. Is the site optimized using the most common best practices at this time? (I stay current in SEO to provide the best information.)


Massage Website Audit

Your personalized massage website audit will include:

  • Technical audit. Can your website be found easily by search engines? Are there any glaring issues that should be fixed immediately?
  • On page audit. Checking that on page elements such as header tags and page titles are optimized.
  • User friendliness. How easy is it to use your website?

 Once you have purchased the Website Review, you will be directed to a form to complete. This will help me learn a little more about your business goals.

You can expect your Website Review within 2-3 business days.

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