Grow Your Massage Business Consulting Services


Grow Your Massage Business consulting services, operated by Rajam Roose, helps massage therapy business owners learn how to use internet marketing to build a successful practice.



Being A Massage Business Owner is Tough Work

Rajam Roose business owner

Rajam Roose, owner of Grow Your Massage Business


Managing a business is tough work, especially if we don't have a strong business foundation. You know how to give a great massage but the idea of "selling yourself" to market your massage business can be stressful!

Massage therapists don't usually have thousands of dollars to spend on marketing services and my goal is to help you learn how you can creatively and successfully market your practice without spending a lot of money!


Grow A Successful Massage Practice

With 16 years experience in the massage profession and over 10 years experience in business marketing, I can help you:

  • Learn the right way to use social media to grow your massage business.
  • Learn how to create and use Facebook ads to grow your client list & build relationships.
  • Optimize your massage website so you are easily found online.
  • Create a basic website for you that looks good and is optimized to bring you business!
  • Build lasting relationships with your massage clients and other business owners.
  • Learn how to organize continuing education events and programs

Reviews from people I've worked with:

I noticed my bounce rate has really gone down in the past few weeks and local visitors are staying on the page longer, with more click-through.
— Stephanie D., Massage Business Owner
I just took a very informative class from Rajam Roose on how to have a budget friendly web design and SEO! I have to say, before this class, I was intimidated to try and make a website to market my massage business.

After taking this class I have the drive and confidence to design my own website. I definitely recommend her classes. Rajam was so patient, broke it down to layman’s terms, passionate what she was teaching. She understands what it takes to grow a massage business using the internet and social media.
— Alexis Ruble, Massage Business Owner