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Hi! I'm Rajam Roose, owner of Grow Your Massage Business, and I help massage professionals grow their businesses through creative marketing strategies. Together, we'll turn your passion into a thriving business - without the stress!

Are you ready to take your massage business to the next level?

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Are you a massage therapist who wants to grow your passion into a THRIVING business?

Perhaps you are tired with all the marketing gurus that simply don't "get" the HEART of your practice - or charge too much to begin with. 

That's why I've created the Grow Your Massage Business Marketing Academy! 

Join massage therapy business owners just like you as you gain the tools you need to grow your business and attract the clients you'll love!

As part of the Massage Marketing Academy community, you'll learn to:

  • BUILD a website that puts your business's best foot forward.
  • USE social media to connect with your clients and share your message.
  • STRENGTHEN your online presence to attract clients you'll love.
  • DREAM up creative marketing ideas for your unique practice.
  • MANAGE your own marketing - affordably and without the stress.
  • CONNECT with other passionate massage business owners!

Plus, you'll gain access to exclusive courses and tutorials to "How To" your own marketing - without the high price tag.

Together, we'll create a marketing plan that helps you do what you love and create the thriving business you deserve!

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Now I Have The Tools To Grow My Massage Business......My Way!

I have the drive and confidence that I can design my own Website. Now I know I can try and design my own Website just how I want it, and not have to only use the free Websites from my massage insurance.

Rajam was so patient, broke it down to layman’s terms, passionate what she was teaching. She is a massage therapist that understands what it takes to grow a massage business using the Internet and social media.

Alexis Ruble

Massage Business Owner

Alexis Ruble

Massage Business Owner

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